Pieces of my heArt

Welcome to my website! I'm very happy to have you here and to share my art.

So just a bit about myself: I am a recovering creative, a work in progress, a timid soul stretching her wings. My creative endeavors began to take flight in my late 40's, around 2010. Prior to that, my little inner artist was stunted into half-existence by the logistics of life and a fear of expressing herself.

The work I do now began when I realized how much I enjoyed browsing through catalogs but rarely buying anything. One day I began cutting them up into small squares, located a glue stick, and this picture was the result!

Soon after that, work on the "Grow, Grow" piece began. Eventually specialty papers, gel mediums, and acrylic paints joined in the fun.

I have beautiful giclee prints available in a variety of sizes as well as some originals. Please call or email for more specific information on ordering and pricing.

You are invited to browse my gallery!

I would like to thank Art Print Denver for the excellent scans and giclee prints of my artwork.

I am a member of the Greater Castle Rock Art Guild.